Saturday, December 5, 2009

Wynn Out, Murren In This Afternoon

Sorry folks, but I just got word from Steve Wynn that he would prefer I not air the audio of our conversation. As I probably mentioned, the interview was laced with sections that were off-the-record and, while I feel I've cut those out, he asked me not to air it and I will oblige.

That said, there are two upsides:

* He's fine with me writing all sorts of pieces based on the conversation, so there will be loads of good stuff I'll post in the next few days about Bette Midler, Garth and a few other topics.

* He offered me an interview specifically for the podcast and hopefully we'll be able to do that in the next week or so.

So, instead, we're playing my lengthy and revelatory interview with MGM Mirage CEO Jim Murren in which I confront him with the hideousness of the Elvis wrap and the fact that there remains no evidence whatsoever that anyone wants to live on the Strip.

Hopefully you'll join us after all. We'll still start at about 4 -- not sure the format yet -- and we'll have Hunter Hillegas of RateVegas.Com in the studio so we can mull our reactions to the Mandarin Oriental party last night and other CityCenter-related stuff.

Join us at LVRocks.Com to listen live and chat with fellow listeners. I hope this is posted early enough that nobody feels bait-and-switched.


atdnext said...

Sorry that I missed your show yesterday, but I'll catch the podcast later. I took my dad to dinner at Aureole last night for his birthday before we checked out Mandarin Oriental and Crystals at City Center.

Overall it all looks great, but it still seems like a work in progress with plenty of kinks to work out. I just LOVE the design of it all, but my dad was pretty bored at Crystals since not all the shops are open yet and most of the shops that are now open have already been in Orange County (at South Coast Plaza & Fashion Island) for some time.

Hopefully more of the stores that will open will be eye-popping, and hopefully they'll do more to make Crystals more accessible to the rest of City Center and to The Strip. The tram is a good start, but I still don't know yet how people in Aria and Vdara will get to it. And if all the stores and restaurants opening soon will just be clones of what's already available in LA & OC, how will we get these Southern Californians to come to Vegas to experience something they think they can already do at home?

Again, I do appreciate the many innovative design elements of City Center. I'm just wondering what their plan is to get people who aren't into postmodern architecture and/or high-end shopping to really appreciate this place.