Monday, February 22, 2010


Yes, both of us. I somehow snookered the reclusive Mr. Miles Smith into being part of the deal this year. So you can go to this link and bid. Wynn Las Vegas is graciously donating lunch at the choices listed in the item description.

The item was only posted today, so go check it out. The auction closes on Feb. 27.

This is part of a massive online auction that KNPR is doing this year along with an alliance of other stations across the West. Anyone interested in Vegas from anywhere in the world needs to get thee to the site and browse the hundreds of listings for books, hotel stays, meals, tickets, bar tabs and lunches or dinners with many notables including Elaine Wynn, food critics John Curtas and Max Jacobson (together!), ace political pundit Jon Ralston and KVBC entertainment queen Alicia Jacobs.

The readers of this blog have a long history of supporting this event and I hope you all do it again. Last year, KNPR General Manager Flo Rogers told me that VegasHappensHere.Com was responsible for the third highest number of referral hits. So go do it again AND save a load on all sorts of neat stuff!