Monday, February 22, 2010

Show is UP: The Presidential Podcast

It's quite a presidential week here in Vegas, so the podcast reflects that with a fascinating chat with Bellagio pianist David Osborne as well as a brief, strangely contentious one with our old pal George Maloof. Fun stuff. Click on the date below to make it play or right-click to save it and listen at your leisure. You can subscribe, too, (it's free!) in iTunes or in Zune.

Feb. 15: A Presidential Podcast

What’s it like to host the president in your home? What’s it like to play the piano for the president at his home, that big white mansion in Washington D.C.? We’re about to answer both those questions, Vegas style. Palms owner George Maloof explains how he came to know President Obama and describes the hoopla around hosting him Thursday night for a Democratic fundraiser. Then Bellagio’s pianist David Osbourne talks about performing for six U.S. presidents including the last three at the White House. And while presidents are interesting, Osbourne’s story about the last vice president, Dick Cheney, is particularly bizarre.

In Banter: Harrah's gets P-Ho, Vegas gets Obama love, CityCenter does NOT get Obama love, another Lake Las Vegas closure, Chinese New Year is fun, the Viva Elvis party was not fun and why red ketchup is the new blue tape.

Links to stuff discussed:

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Steve’s AOLNews.Com piece on Obama’s visit and VegasHappensHere.Com posts on the Bellagio suite and Murren’s hopes


atdnext said...

OK, I'm about to fire up the iTunes. I'm just glad that all is well in the world again b/c Obama and Vegas kissed & made up. ;-)

Hiker said...

Outstanding show. Maloof was aloof but David Osborne proved to be a fascinating guest.

When I was at Caesars tonight to see Bill Clinton, I went to see Beijing Noodle No. 9 and it truly is bizarre. With the fish tanks at the entrance and all that white, it is simply uninviting.

Why not look for authentic Chinese food in Chinatown instead of the Strip?

Anonymous said...

So why did Maloof agree to do an interview when he wasn't interested in answering questions or even some banter?



SG: cuz i asked. and, actually, he did answer some stuff.

Hiker: I happened to already be at Caesars and the noodles looked cool and yummy when they were being pulled for effect.