Wednesday, February 24, 2010

SPJ Event Canceled?

A poster calling himself "Las Vegas Editor" wrote in a comment regarding the off-record political experts panel that the local Society of Professional Journalists chapter planned to host at UNLV this weekend has been canceled.

I'm running out on assignment and don't have time to find out for sure if this is so or why. While I'd love to believe that the folks involved decided it was a bad idea after I blogged it and the popular Romenesko journalism site picked it up, I suspect the real reason is that the best political journalists in Vegas will still be in Carson City dealing with the special legislative session.

Now, whether the event is ever rescheduled in the off-record configuration will, in fact, show if wiser minds are prevailing. But let me say right now that I did not intend to suggest the SPJ folks had nefarious motives. I just thought it was a bad idea.