Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Hello, Again

Yes, it's been a quiet weekend after a very busy couple of blogging weeks and my only explanation is that I needed to step away, get out of town for some assignments and refresh a little. I'm still not 100 percent back on top of things, but I thought I'd rattle off a few quick, vaguely related matters:

* Miles and I could not be more pleased to have ended the KNPR auction as the top-selling "lunch-with," drawing $370. Miles had several co-workers at KVBC also in the auction including the station owner, so it's kind of cool that a couple of guys who do a podcast and some other stuff can bring in more than several on-air TV people. The power of the Web indeed. Thanks so much Diane Taylor of Las Vegas but also to the readers of this site, which was again one of the top referring sites for KNPR's auction. I hope you all got some great deals.

* A few weeks ago, I answered an e-mail from the fine folks at Las Vegas Advisor about a Question of The Day regarding on-stage injuries in Vegas shows. I believe you must be an LVA member to see the answers to these questions after the day they're posted, but at least for the rest of today (3/2) my wisdom is there.

* I'm about to hit 2000 followers on Twitter. Also, a year ago I was on my show saying that Twitter was over. Heh.

* I'm getting used to being ignored by the MSM, but it's truly incredible that both the Review-Journal and the Las Vegas Sun wrote that George Maloof had not reacted to the rumor that Harrah's was buying him out when, in fact, he sure as hell did. Oh well.