Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Marie Osmond = Class


I'm not sure there's any other word to sum up the press release I just received, but this very rare time I mean it in a good way.

You probably know that Marie Osmond's son committed suicide last week. Obviously, this shut down the show at the Flamingo where she and her brother appear nightly. The depth of this woman's grief is unimaginable.

There was never any question of whether the siblings would return to the stage and that date has now been announced as March 9, 12 days after the tragedy. That's surprisingly soon, but I suspect that being on stage performing and singing is a therapy of sorts for the Osmonds.

But the thing that gets me is that they're also adding five shows in April "to accommodate guests who had tickets to the recently canceled shows" from March 2-6. Now, I'm sure there's some contractual obligation the duo have to the Flamingo to give them a certain number of performances a year and all. But I'm equally confident that no suit over at Harrah's would have held these missed dates against them.

What's just amazing to me is that, even in their suffering, the Osmonds feel an obligation to their audiences. It's just another reminder that they not only perform one of the best shows on the Strip but they're also really, really good people.


Anonymous said...

God bless Marie. I kept working when my Grandmother died when I was 20, in 1978; when my business partner died in 1995; and when my brother died in 2004. I like to fancy myself as cynical and crusty, but I can't imagine the pain, and feel so much sympathy for Marie. I love my sons so much that just thinking of something like this makes me....

Jeff in OKC

Anonymous said...

Hugs and prayers to you Marie. Our prayers are with the whole family. You are truly an inspiration. Your friends in So CA

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately it appears that the depression that contributed (caused?) his suicide was related to him being gay and struggling with the suffocating bigotry of the Mormon church. It's a tragedy all the way around.