Friday, March 5, 2010

Roger Thomas, Killer Orcas and You!

In honor of the Academy Awards on Sunday (go Hurt Locker!) we've got an awesome interview for The Strip with Wynn uberdesigner Roger Thomas, who also designed the Green Room at the Kodak Theatre depicted above. It was a great excuse to get him to gab about the Oscars, the Wynns, CityCenter, Macau, Philadelphia and so much more.

We'll get to play some of it on the live show from 5-6 pm PT on Saturday at LVRocks.Com and then, of course, the rest will be on the podcast version which I'll try to get out quickly. You can listen live and/or join the live chat.

Before that, Emily and I will be recording two new episodes of The Petcast from 4-5 pm PT. First, it's Dr. Ross Hawkins of the Hummingbird Society on the group's efforts to save a breed of the bird that's in major trouble following the Chilean earthquake and tsunami. Then we chat with Dr. Elliot Katz of In Defense of Animals, a welfare group that has for years warned of the potential for disasters such as last month's fatal Sea World orca attack. Katz will certainly have some thoughts on the Dolphin Habitat and Secret Garden at the Mirage, too.

So join us at LVRocks.Com from 4-6 pm PT Saturday. It's fun!


Hiker said...

Wonderful podcast as usual!

Anonymous said...

Always love anything Roger Thomas related. I think I speak for many when I say, Roger represents the golden age of casino design and I don't look forward to the future of visuals without his stamp of style.

Anonymous said...

Thomas stays so focused and on message during the interview, as well as clear, and informative, that I think Harry Reid must wish he could talk like Thomas.
I hung on every word and even changed how I conducted myself at work with my wife, based on something Thomas said. Excellent interview, Steve. Thanks.

Jeff in OKC