Friday, March 19, 2010

The Interview WILL Be Televised!

OK, not TELEvised, webcast. But with video AND audio. So you'll be able to see and hear Miles and me live with Elaine Wynn and Johnny Avello from the Wynn's NCAA Tournament Party on UStream.TV on Saturday from 1-2 pm PT via this link. There's a chat room there as well, but I gather you have to get a free UStream account. We'll probably start the video and audio running a little early to make sure it all works, fyi.

Also, FYI, if you have an iPhone, UStream has an app for that. So you can listen and/or watch us on the go if you wish. Awful cool.

If you don't want to go uStream's site, you can always just watch/listen right here via this nifty player.

Online TV Shows by Ustream
We'll play the audio on LVRocks.Com from 5-6 pm PT and I'll be in the chat room for that.


Hiker said...

Great show, guys! You have to do that again sometime!

Kevin said...

There's also an Android app that allows you to watch (and broadcast) live video from ustream.