Thursday, March 18, 2010


A quick and heartfelt thanks to all of you who voted for this site as the best Vegas blog in the Las Vegas CityLife Best of the Valley poll. It was a genuine surprise to win, partly given that right up until the end there were people Tweeting that the site wouldn't let them vote. But we know this must've been real because I'm short on friends or fans over in CityLifeland; it's not hard to read the antipathy into the first phrase of this write-up, is it? So surely, nobody fudged the outcome on my behalf.

Sadly, we STILL don't qualify for a link from the little Nevada News Bureau site. I had asked Elizabeth Crum two months ago if they'd stick us in their blog roll, something that takes about 12 seconds to do. Her answer: "Our blogroll focuses on government, politics & business, so...not sure it's a fit." Evidently the business of gaming is not part of that "business" to which she refers. Ahh, well. Kinda like the U of A telling Obama he hasn't accomplished enough yet, no?


Anonymous said...

That's funny because that little site would benefit far more from being linked to from you than the reverse. Until you said it, I'd never heard of them.

atdnext said...

NNB is a small news wire outlet here... Well, not here but more in Carson City. But it's OK, Mr. Steve F doesn't need them. He won CityLife's Best in the Valley! Congrats. (And yes, I voted for you.) :-)

And you're not the only one. LeftyBlogs at first didn't want to add me to the Nevada Blog Wire because I wasn't political enough, but I found out last week that I was eventually added on. Maybe NNB will also reconsider their decision.

Anonymous said...

ASU, not U of A

Kyle said...
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Anonymous said...

It was ASU.