Thursday, March 18, 2010


We're actually doing "The Strip" from the Strip for the first time on Saturday! The show will emanate from the Latour Ballroom at Wynn Las Vegas for a March Madness special featuring none other than (who knew?) college b-ball fanatic ELAINE P. WYNN. Also along for a chat will be Wynn Las Vegas sports book director Johnny Avello, the character who divines wacky odds on everything from American Idol to the Westminster Dog Show.

Miles and I will have a LIVE webcast -- link to be provided later -- from 1-2 pm PT while we're doing it. Then we'll also air it in our usual slot from 5-6 pm PT on LVRocks.Com. I'll be in the chat for that.

IMPORTANT NOTE: While we're doing this live on location, it will not be before an audience, per se. The Latour Ballroom is a March Madness Central this weekend, see?

We're going to have a spot to do our program off to the side. So you're certainly welcome to come on down and see us with Elaine and Johnny -- and pay the $25 a head cover to get in, you probably won't be able to hear us unless you're tuned into the site where we'll stream it from. And, again, I'll be on LVRocks.Com at 5 pm.

Kudos to Wynn Las Vegas new media guru Jade Bailey-Assam, who tweets at @WynnLasVegas. This was her idea and we're grateful she both thought of us and arranged for Mrs. Wynn as our guest.


Anonymous said...

I recommend a better photo of Ms. Wynn.


how's that?

Anonymous said...

Better! She's stunning and deserves a great photo. Just sayin'.

Bay in TN said...

That's awesome, Steve, and I echo your sentiments of congrats to the Wynn for being so in the forefront of the "new media." Go, The Strip Podcast! Go, Wynn!!! (Now, about discounted rooms for tasteful but poverty-stricken fans....) ;)

Anonymous said...

That is a great photo, IMO. Classy, classic and sexy. What more could you ask for?
Jeff in OKC