Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Daily Beast on Wynn's Art

Sometimes it takes a while to find the right outlet for a story. This is one of those times. Today, finally, I've written up the tale of Steve Wynn's describing his purchase of that $33 million Rembrandt in December for The Daily Beast. Podcast listeners would have heard it already, of course.

It was a very interesting exercise in fact-checking Wynn. Usually, he tells tales about people saying stuff and it sounds like a great yarn but there's no real way on the fly to ring up Steven Spielberg or Waylon Jennings to review some innocuous anecdote. The best you can say is that if they don't complain after the fact, it's probably true. But then again, it's Wynn and correcting the media record can be a challenge so I suspect some of his pals just let it go.

This time, though, I did call up everyone involved. And, while I didn't reach all of them, those I did speak to confirmed Wynn's version of events right down to verbatim quotes.

If you missed the full podcast, you can also now download just the 17-minute sequence from that March conversation.


Dave Lifton said...

And it can't help that Jennings hasn't spoken to the press since his death in 2002.