Thursday, August 19, 2010

LA Weekly Cover On Mike Penner & Christine Daniels

Today, the L.A. Weekly published my 7,000-word cover story providing the fascinating, crushingly sad inside story of an L.A. Times sportswriter who transitioned to living as a woman, then reverted (outwardly) to male and, in November, killed himself. [When Mike Penner first announced his transition to Christine Daniels, the headline on this blog was: "Unbelievable courage."]

It's not part of my Vegas stuff, true. But it is one of the finer pieces of journalism, with the space and time truly needed, I've had a chance to do. So if you're interested, please read it.

That image above, by the way, was done for the cover by Matt Mahurin, one of the biggest names in both journalistic illustration and music videos. That's kind of awesome all by itself.