Thursday, October 14, 2010

One More Reid-Angle Thing This Morning

This... disgraceful. Regardless of your politics. Also, it's a reflection of the intense enmity here over this election. I shot this yesterday in Boulder City.

Very sad.


Russell said...

Would you have had the same reaction and desire to post it if the picture said; "George Bush: asshole".

Not trying to instigate a fight, just curious.



Anonymous said...

It can be taken another way, as in, "Harry Reid, asshole! Who else would you vote for, that nutjob Sharon Angle? " Or, "This car is owned by Harry Reid, and I'm an asshole."

I'd be tempted to take a razor blade and cut off the Harry Reid part and just leave "asshole," so there would be no mistake who owns that car.

Russell said...

Good to know. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

what about these stickers? Is this disgraceful, regardless of your politics?