Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Reid's Two Answers On Angle's $14m

This morning, Elizabeth Crum broke on National Review that Sharron Angle is reporting a record-busting $14 million raised in the third quarter of the year for her campaign against Harry Reid. It's a stunning number even in this age of megabucks politics.

But the fun part, really, is the way Reid responded. That is, the ways. See, within four minutes of one another, I received two emails from Reid.

The first one, to the media, went like this:

"Sharron Angle's fundraising number is meaningless without disclosing how much they spent to raise it. In fact, Angle's shady fundraisers are reputed for cooking the books and fleecing their clients, so any number Angle may assert to generate media buzz is highly suspect."

And the second one, to potential Reid donors, went like this:

"A major development here in Nevada: My Tea Party opponent just announced that she received $14 million in donations in the last quarter. That could be enough to dominate Nevada airwaves in the critical final days and prevent us from exposing her wild rhetoric and dangerous extremism. I need you to send a contribution as soon as you can."

OK. So it's not a real $14 million but, also, it is, so send us a check RIGHT NOW!!!

Or something.


Chandler In Las Vegas said...

Well Steve, news is tailored to its audience. If you dropped dead, some people would be rather sad. To them you would send condolences. Some people would be glad in your demise. To them you would extend your heartfelt congratulations. It's really not about the sender of the message, it's about THE MESSAGE.

You're a journalist. Isn't your statement rather 101?