Monday, February 14, 2011

Introducing VegasDelivered.Com

RateVegas.Com's Hunter Hillegas and I are proud to unveil VegasDelivered.Com, a new service in its infancy where we will offer exclusive video and audio content taking you inside Las Vegas in new and unusual ways. For a very long time now, we've given away a lot of this content for free, but it costs money and takes a tremendous amount of time to concoct, and so we've decided it's worth something. We hope you agree.

We're starting up small, with a tour of the new Wynn Las Vegas rooms and the transformation from Daniel Boulud Brasserie to Lakeside Grill, with designer Roger Thomas narrating the changes and revealing some pretty awesome details. There is a survey at VegasDelivered.Com that will help us identify what sort of content you'd like, but rest assured that all of it will come complete with the unflinching, probing journalism you've come to expect from both of us.

For now, the material can be purchased at VegasDelivered.Com. It will eventually also be available through the iTunes store within Hunter's Vegas Mate iPhone app. ("App" is short for "application," which is another name for...oh, see here if you're confused.)

Above is an 80-second trailer for the Roger Thomas tour, below is a 2-minute version that gives a snippet of the material:

None of this implies that our blogs or podcasts will cost money to enjoy. Nothing is changing in that respect. We just want to be able to do more of it, do it better and be compensated for it.


Anonymous said...

Did the same person make both these trailers? I can't believe how horrible the choice of music is on the first trailer. The 2nd, choice is much more fitting to this type of video.

Thomas said...

This wouldn't entice me to download anything if it was free, I'm afraid. Steve, I love your work and you certainly deserve to be compensated for it, but I very much doubt these trailers are the way to go. And what's with the photos in the second one - didn't you mention video?