Tuesday, February 15, 2011

They MUST Do This For Me

Doesn't really look like she's better for the wear, does it?

My favorite section of the R-J, the weekly View section, is back with yet another Leno-worthy pairing of headline and photo. The photo above is actually connected to some other nugget about the common cold, but...come on, now. Someone is having fun.

Remember, these are, after all, the same folks who did this:

Another unfortunate headline/photo pairing from The View sect... on Twitpic


Anonymous said...

Nothing will top when one of the View ad copy guys was playing around back in 2007 and created an ad for a massage parlour that promised a "Free Happy Ending" as a grand opening special. Of course someone screwed up and the ad was published, which supposedly led to the jokester's firing.

I still have a hard copy of that in my desk somewhere. A classic screw up.

Joe Ossenmacher-Bedford said...

Hey Steve! Love your podcast. You should call it "Las Gevas", though. (Sound it out, lol.) Have you seen the news on Sierra's next project?


Take care!
Joe, Knoxville TN

Anonymous said...

"Not this morning, dear. I have a headache."