Friday, February 18, 2011

This Week's LVW col: Sierra Boggess in London

As I Tweeted, we visited ascendant theater phenom and former Vegas star Sierra Boggess in her dressing room at London's Adelphi Theatre, where she's almost done starring in "Love Never Dies," the Phantom sequel. Miles participated in that interview, and you can hear the full conversation on last week's episode of The Strip. Enjoy. -sf

Las Vegas’ biggest stage export
is conquering London and Broadway


Sierra Boggess sits in a West End dressing room nursing an oversized “I Heart London” mug, wearing an adorable knitted beret and trying her best to be diplomatic.

The tiny actress with the LuPone-sized voice is grateful for her stint in Las Vegas and, quite literally, wouldn’t be where she is today without it.

Boggess played the female lead, Christine Daae, in the original cast of Phantom—The Las Vegas Spectacular in 2006, auditioning for the role despite her now-former agent’s anti-Vegas prejudice. But, no, she doesn’t see herself back on the Strip anytime soon—which probably means never.

“Vegas is not a place I’d want to live,” she said carefully, her voice dipping in a Londoner accent she claims not to hear. “I’m happy I tried it, but that’s not where I want my career to be.”

Normally, this would get my dander up. What does she mean, it’s not a place to live? Why can’t her career be here?

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