Tuesday, April 5, 2011

BREAKING: The Goodmans are JEWISH!

Those of you who listened to the Carolyn Goodman conversation that was posted in the podcast feed over the weekend might have wondered what my obsession was with her Jewish upbringing. Truth be told, I'm highly unlikely to ask Brian Sandoval how he takes his communion wafers or Harry Reid if he's wearing his magic underoos, so what gives? And yet, Carolyn spoke in detail about making gefilte fish, right?

Well, I don't ask anything without having a reason, and this time it was for part of a lengthy profile of Mayor Oscar Goodman that appears today in Tablet, a popular website devoted to Jewish issues. You may recall I also profiled the poker-playing Mizrachis and Rep. Shelley Berkley for Tablet last year.

There's not a lot in the piece that local Las Vegans or careful Vegas-watchers may not know, although Carolyn does debunk the myths surrounding Oscar's drinking and there are a few other tidbits therein. Check it out if you wish.


Anonymous said...

Ever give thought to the idea that Mormons might be offended by the term "magic underoos?" Or is that the one subgroup whose membership it's OK to pick on?

Amy said...

Oh, gracious no! It's also OK to pick on southerners, fat people, and smokers. (Not that Steve necessarily does, but we're defining who's fair game here.)

Amy, who no longer smokes