Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Hating Myself For Liking Terry Fator's Gay Puppet

If the question a few weeks ago was whether I was capable of giving Criss Angel a fair shake even though I'm not a fan of his off-stage antics, this week's piece proves that talent actually will win me over most of the time. I went to "Believe" for that earlier column trying my best to give it a shot, but I went to Terry Fator last week determined to dislike it. And then I didn't because Fator may be square and corny, but so I am. Here's this week's Las Vegas Weekly entry. And, for the record, since readers seem to like it when I give grades, I'd now give Fator's show a B+. -sf

Finding the fun in Terry Fator’s gay puppet

This was supposed to turn out differently. I had planned this column out weeks ago, knowing precisely how I’d react and what I would have to say. All that was left was to find the gory details that would entertain and appall all of you.

I’m allowed to do this. Yes, reporters are expected to be unbiased, but not columnists. We can make assumptions, bring our personal baggage to bear, set out to prove our hunches correct, make arguments and take sides.

Still, sometimes reality presents itself and we must admit we were misguided. We must, however painful and embarrassing it may be, acknowledge that we had it wrong.

So here goes: I love Barry Fabulous.

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