Sunday, April 3, 2011

A Very Mayoral Sunday In The Media

As my pal Amy and I ran our April Fool's errand to L.A. on Friday, the Vegas political blogosphere became engulfed in reactions to the excerpts I posted from my Thursday interview with Carolyn Goodman, the wife of Mayor Oscar Goodman and the frontrunner to replace him.

The Las Vegas Sun's Delen Goldberg wrote a piece on it for the Web and blogger Justin McAffee likened it to the Sarah Palin-Katie Couric moment in 2008 when Palin was flat-footed in response to reasonable questions about current events. Q Vegas' Chris Miller chased down Goodman for a re-affirmation that she doesn't want the state to repeal the domestic partnership law, too. And Jon Ralston's column today on the Sun assesses what Goodman's answers say about her competency as a candidate. (The only place this hasn't been covered? The R-J, whose City Hall scribe spent time on Saturday with Mrs. Goodman and evidently didn't ask. Odd.)

But wait, there's more! MUCH more. First, the entire interview is now available as a podcast so you can hear for yourself what The Good(man) Wife is all about. Obviously, the full measure of any candidate ought to be a lot more than a few controversial or unprepared remarks so listen and decide on your own. Click here to have it play or right-click here to download the LONG conversation and listen at your leisure. After the primary, I hope to do a similarly thorough sit-down for the podcast with her general election opponent.

Meanwhile, my AOL News/Huffington Post Politics piece on the race went online today chock full o' barbs and snark from and towards Mrs. Goodman. In particular, the exchange between County Commissioner Chris Giunchigliani attempting to minimize Goodman's role in the formation of the Meadows School and Goodman's slap that Chris' childless life is empty and politically obsessed is a sign of the shape of things to come if these two face one another after Tuesday's primary. It's already getting some buzz, although blogger Christine Kramar is a little off the mark inasmuch as Carolyn Goodman didn't produce any children from her womb, either. Carolyn and I, in fact, delve into how and why she came to adopt her four kids in our Thursday marathon.

Finally, if you just haven't had enough about Las Vegas' mayoralty yet, Review-Journal columnist John L. Smith today has a wonderful column about his lunch on Thursday with the three living mayors and ex-mayors, Ron Lurie, Jan Laverty Jones and Oscar Goodman.

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P.S. There's now a Carolyn For Mayor poker chip in the prize vault for The Strip Podcast. If we select your correct trivia question, it could be yours.


Anonymous said...

All three links including the "First, the entire interview is now available as a podcast" point to the same URL: . The audio is only 3 1/2 minutes.


Anon: Yes, they're all the same link. I present them in different ways so people who aren't that savvy with podcasts can get them. But the file is actually nearly 2 hours. If you click to listen on an iPhone, it may appear to be 3 min long, but from a computer or iTunes, the whole thing is all there.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the reply. I'm not using a phone. I'm using a computer.

I'm sorry - I may be missing something, but this is how it works for me:

I am using a PC with IE, Firefox, and Chrome, and I get the same results with each:

As you said, there is only one file being pointed to by multiple links in your blog post. I understand that and why you do it that way.

The problem is that that file - -

is only 1 1/2 MB and plays in Winamp after being downloaded for just 2' 55". At least for me.

Could you possibly test this yourself? Unless something totally weird is going on, you'll see the file you uploaded is way smaller than what you thought it was.

Alternatively, could you just post a URL here in comments that points to a larger file than the above one? Thanks, and sorry to be such a bother.


No bother at all, but there is some glitch on your end that may be related to Winamp. I just did it again and right-clicked to save the file, etc. It all worked on my Mac. Let me toss it out on Twitter and FB and see why this would be happening to you. If you download iTunes and then subscribe to the show for free, it definitely shows up fine there.

here's another web-based way to get at the show that should work: