Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Important Announcement Coming Live Tonight On The Strip

No, we didn't kill Gaddafi.

But we do have some pretty significant news to share tonight when we do the live show, so if you can, please join us at at about 8 p.m. PT. I'll Tweet an update and update this post if there are any time changes based on Miles' ETA from work.

Oh, also, we've got a terrific interview with Jean Philippe Maury, the genius Aria/Bellagio pastry chef, as part of a pre-Vegas Uncork'd episode. I also interviewed Scott Conant of Scarpetta, and we'll post that one as a special edition at the same time as the regular show. Putting both interviews in the same episode show would have pushed the show over 2 hours, and that's just bananas.

So, anyway, this show's special. I hope you'll be there. But if not, I'll try getting the podcast out as quickly as I can, so you can subscribe to The Strip (it's free!) in iTunes or Zune to get the latest show and various specials.


Bay in TN said...

I'm looking forward to it! It's probably my last time being able to attend the live chat, so I want to be sure to see all the regulars. I hope most of 'em are there, and I can't wait to hear the interview!

V.S. said...

Top Three Guesses about what the Big Announcement will be:

3. The Strip Podcast will be going behind a paywall, but the first 20 minutes will be free.

2. Next week will be the final edition of The Strip Podcast. Steve Wynn will be on hand to push the plunger imploding the Friess/Smith residence.

1. The Petcast is coming back!