Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The NEWS: I'm a Knight-Wallace Fellow

That, above, is the news. A fellowship.

Which is to say that as of September, I move to Ann Arbor, Michigan, where I'll spend the academic year at University of Michigan with 11 other "mid-career" -- gosh that sounds OLD -- journalists taking whatever classes I want, traveling overseas, listening to lectures, taking a cooking class, reading War & Peace, doing whatever I want.

What I won't be doing? Freelancing. For anyone. Or podcasting. Or blogging.

It's a really big deal for me, obviously, but bittersweet. Tonight on the live version of "The Strip," we announced that we will cease the show sometime in August, at least for now. It's been a tremendous six years, and we'll stop when I go to Michigan. It's hard to say what life will be like next spring when the fellowship is over, so we can't make any predictions. Miles will be staying here in Vegas and visiting OFTEN.

In the application process, I had to come up with a study focus and I wrote about how I need to learn better how to cover the impact of the rapid expansion of Vegas-style gambling across Asia, particularly in Macau. There's a Center for Addiction Studies and an Asian Studies program at University of Michigan. So that's some of what I'll do.

This is the same fellowship the Sun's Emily Richmond and the R-J's Molly Ball left Vegas for. What do we all have in common? We all co-hosted The Petcast. And some people wondered why I was bothering with that.

It's a whole new adventure and I'm very excited. I'm considering how to proceed with this blog, and I may see if there's another Vegas blogger who wants to use it when I leave.

The big idea is to step back from the constancy of work and study a bit, relax a bit, pursue the sorts of things I've always wanted to do but never had the time or energy for.

More on all this later. Gotta go watch Top Chef with Miles.


Anonymous said...

So lucky to be the first to leave a congratulations for you. Make sure you send all that pesky freelance Vegas work my way. Be well Steve. Vegas will await your return a lesser place with a weaker media. Yrs., Richard

E C Gladstone said...


James said...

Wow, congrats Steve! It is well deserved.

I will miss your blogs, articles, and podcasts but screw that, enjoy your time to learn, relax, what have you. I'll look forward to whenever you start writing again.


Dan Short said...

As we prepare for our semi-annual (plus one weekend) trip to Vegas, I am happy/sad about your announcement.

I do love your podcasts, blogs, tweets etc. and really look foreward to them.

But I have noticed a little mealcholy in you podcasts lately (or is it the venue) so I assume that were looking to grow.

Good luck in the future and we will keep following you to the bitter end.

Dan adm Maureen.

El said...

What an incredible opportunity. Congratulations for being at the top of your game. I'll miss your insights. No one covering Las Vegas does it the way you do. Your big win is a loss for your readers and listeners. Still... Couldn't be happier for you. Again, congrats!

Mark--> said...

Congratulations and welcome (soon) to Michigan!

Anonymous said...

Mazel Tov.


Eric said...

Congrats to you Steve. But the Vegas blogging/podcasting scene won't be the same without you. Hope you drop in on Twitter every now and then just to let us know how you are doing!

JeffW said...


Congratulations. You will LOVE Ann Arbor.

Unknown said...

Steve, congratulations. Selfishly I will miss "The Strip". It's my weekly
fix on Las Vegas.
All the best,
Joe Smith/Portland

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Steve and Miles! I will miss the interviews and news from Vegas from your perspective.

I look forward to reading your articles/blogs/whatever in the future! -Chris Mik in Austin

detroit1051 said...

I'm excited for Michigan that you'll be there. I hope you write during your fellowship because you always find interesting subjects no matter where you are.
Detroit is usually the negative focus of those who write about Michigan, but there are good things happening there, too. Then, you have West Michigan and North Michigan which many say align themselves more with Chicago than Detroit. Finally, you have the U.P. Yoopers are in a world of their own (and it's a wonderful world.) Finally, go south from Detroit and you travel back several decades into Windsor, Ontario. Hope you get beyond Ann Arbor to see the state and write your wonderful prose about it.

Anonymous said...

wow..No more The Strip podcast. I knew something was up when they announced that there was no Podcast a polooza this year.
Anyways, congrats! The Strip will definately be missed by my wife and I.

Glenn from Syracuse

Michael (@jinxclev) said...

Congratulations Steve, it sounds like a great opportunity for you.

Geri Jeter said...

Congratulations, Steve! It is a much-deserved honor. Enjoy your year of discovery.

Anonymous said...


Congrats on earning a fellowship. For a Vegas junkie, who also appreciates great fun, great journalism, and integrity-- count me as a true fan. I think you will turn to pen, and blog again in A2. It's a wonderful college town. "The Scene"
as in "The Gay Scene" as in LESBIANS and such, is quite grown up. I wonder what you'll think about that. I wonder how you will feel about Ann Arbor, a vibrant molecule on the map of a struggling being-- Michigan is hurting. I went to school there in the late 90's and stayed a few years after graduating. I went there too fast, and stayed there too long. You don't seem to have that flaw. I really hope we don't have to go a year without hearing from you. You'll be missed, but I hope for not too long. Make the most of this honor and opportunity, and don't be so shy-- speak up their if you have an opinion.

-Al from San Diego

Rex said...

Love it. The hacky Vegas Internet mafia is falling apart. Five Hundy is the next to quit, from what I'm hearing.

Amy R said...

Addiction studies? Macau? Sigh. Is the perfect Vegas voice going so serious that the Strip is now just a stretch of road? The Fellowship is well deserved, you're clearly a writer worth reading and that means worth rewarding. Enjoy your year away and your studies and (hopefully) your time of intellectual refreshment. Congrats.

EllenLV said...

Steve, you will be missed. You are a terrific writer and the fellowship is well deserved.
Congratulations and good luck.

Gray said...

I'm embarrassed that I'm so far behind on my Vegas news that I'm just now reading this. Congratulations, Steve! That is awesome. Definitely Vegas's loss, though. Best of luck to you!