Thursday, May 5, 2011

LVW Col: The Nasty Professor

The theme of this week seems to be people who think that whatever they do on their personal blogs has no bearing or relevance to their public/"real" lives. Discredited HotelChatter.Com scribe Julia Buckley was baffled when an all-too-similar account by the same transgender person of Vegas hotel ejection was found and questioned on her BitchinVegas.Com blog, and now this College of Southern Nevada prof believes that what he says publicly should have no bearing on how he is perceived as a communications instructor at a public institution of higher learning. I'll follow on this more later today, but here's the column, first of all. Also, the pic is from Moilanen's MySpace page; he's the guy on the bottom.

CSN instructor’s ‘Peeping with Tom’ blog offers a nasty view

I’m used to taking crap, so I laughed last week when a Vegas blogger asked why I was moderating a May 11 mayoral forum for a gay business group when I’m deaf and "bark like a fuckin' seal.” It’s not kind, but I was attacked daily for a year by an LA blogger convinced I spearheaded a conspiracy to conceal what actually killed Danny Gans, and that builds character. My partner now makes seal noises at me for giggles.
But then I looked a little closer at this blog, Peeping With Tom. It wouldn’t be worth taking note of except that its author, Tom Moilanen isn’t (just) some crackpot; he’s a College of Southern Nevada communications and media instructor. He’s teaching three sections right now.
Also, he’s got quite a mouth on him and cloaks it as these people always do in pseudo-noble “I-won’t-be cowed-by-political-correctness” malarkey. Try this on: “A model from Portugal castrated and killed a journalist. … I can’t tell you how many times I’ve fantasized about shoving a corkscrew into some media person. Fuckin' journalists. Talk about lying, deceptive pond scum.” [Here's a link to a CNN report on the actual, evidently hilarious, crime.]
Did I mention he teaches media? And sat on a panel as recently as last fall with KSNV and KLAS anchors for a journalism forum?

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