Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Strip IS Live on Wed w/Roger Thomas!

As we wind down The Strip Podcast, we're visiting with several of the most popular guests we've had over the years, and one who never fails to fascinate is Wynn Resorts uber-designer Roger Thomas. This interview took place in two parts, the first in person following a tour of the new Wynn Design & Development digs on Friday, the second by phone on Sunday. We'll play both starting at 8 p.m. PT on Wednesday at this UStream channel.

I'll also be putting together a slideshow video episode from the tour, and I hope to have it all available by this weekend, but I'm also swamped with deadlines and have every intention of taking a trip with Amy to the Utah Shakespeare Festival on Friday and to Zion National Park on Saturday.

So, if you want to be first hear what Roger does with his iPad, his reaction to the Bellagio room redesign, what's being designed these days for Vegas and a lot about his approach to the Wynn Cotai project -- and you know you do -- join us. We'll play the Roger chats and then get to the proper parts of our show when Miles gets in from work.

Or don't. But you'll have to wait and get it when it's all in the feed via iTunes or Zune and is posted here and on TheStripPodcast.Com. And lest you think it's too late to be bothered to subscribe, I'm fairly sure there will be quite a few specials and extras over the next few weeks because there are lots of people I want one last crack at, but we're not only doing proper shows once a week.