Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Men's Names, Marriage and Good Morning America

We're getting a lot of attention today for a piece I did for today's USA Today on men who change their names after marriage. Even got a call from a producer from Good Morning America, which wants to do a segment on the topic tomorrow. They were looking for some of my sources, but seeing how I'm on my honeymoon, I don't have much of it with me.

The producer didn't give me her name or number, but I did realize that I was receiving lots of email from folks about the piece, including from other men who had changed their names. So Miles found a number for the GMA newsroom (since the ABC switchboard kept putting me into some sort of viewer-voicemail hell) and we worked out that it was Liz Sintay.

Liz was so overjoyed by my callback. "Your wife must know how great you are!" she said, or something like that.

"Actually, it's my husband."

"Oh! Either way!"

So, Liz, if you're doing anything on THAT topic, let me know!