Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Poor Atlantic City...

It is simply astonishing that Atlantic City, being as it is so much closer to tribal casinos and other major cities than Vegas, is only now waking up to the notion that it needs to be more than a gambling center to survive. Sort of more proof that Trump really isn't that much of a visionary at all.


Russ in VA said...

It's about time Atlantic City focused on more than "blue-haired slots players" and tries to go up-market. Indeed, the town needs to define itself, as the Times article suggests, as "Las Vegas East".
And you know one BIG thing AC has that LV does not? The ocean! Think about it: LV sits in the middle of the desert! The Mandalay Bay pool, the Hard Rock pool, as nice as they are, are surrounded by parking lots and (in the case of the Hard Rock) an apartment complex. Heck, AC is LV beachside! And that ain't bad!