Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Guatemala and dolphins?

So I wrote a piece on the current concerns in the US government over possible fraud in the Guatemalan adoption process for USA Today. Guatemala is No. 2 in terms of the number of kids they adopt out to American parents and the system seems wide open for fraud that may include baby-selling and other duplicitous practices. Serious stuff. I have a particular interest in international adoption and have written about it quite a lot over the years.

One PR flak for the Mirage was so moved, sort of, that she wrote me. To say that seeing my piece in USAT on this reminded her to remind me that I really ought to consider a story on the Dolphin Habitat in Vegas.



Gregory Zephyr said...

Its a very natural connection. I can even imagine your story introduction:

There is a dark side to international adoptions few people care to know about. Defenseless young children caught in the big money world of adoption scams and con artists. While this is unfortunate for human babies, dolphin youngsters face much better circumstances. For example, the dolphins at the Mirage...