Monday, March 19, 2007


Anyone out there who is married knows what's packed into that "Wow."

Wow, we stood up in front of all those people and said some unbearably intimate things and exchanged rings and kissed and are now married. Wow that the rabbi's speech was largely about how our evident devotion forced him to realize as he prepared for his first gay wedding that same-sex and straight relationships are equal in every important way. Wow that the SkyVilla at the Palms was the perfect setting for a totally non-cliche Vegas wedding. Wow that all the nifty little details we threw in -- my mother singing, the poker chips, laminates and yarmulkes with our names on it, the slideshow of pictures, the blown-up photo of us for everyone to sign the matting of -- all came off perfectly. Wow that we received such generous gifts, saw so many wonderful people in one place and actually had the chance to chat with pretty much everyone.

And wow, we're now in a hotel room in Anchorage about to take on our big week on our honeymoon! It's already so beautiful -- and s0 cold. Flying usually makes Miles cranky, but this time he grinned and grinned even as our suitcase took excruciatingly long to arrive.

Married life agrees with us!


LinFromNJ said...

Congratulations! sounds like a fabulous ceremony.