Monday, April 23, 2007

EXCLUSIVE: Coco Bongo to Replace 3121 at Rio

It's only been rumored thus far, but I've confirmed in the past few days that Coco Bongo, the ultra-hot "theatrical nightclub" out of Cancun will take over the space at the Rio All-Suite Hotel-Casino currently known as 3121 where Prince has been performing since the fall and is due to quit in a few weeks.

The club, the first in the U.S., would open in November after a multimillion-dollar renovation. That will enable the place to handle the sort of eye-popping shows -- think Cirque-style acrobats, La Cage-style celeb impersonators and South Beach-style Latin music -- that Coco Bongo has become known for.

Seems like an obvious home run for Vegas -- rather than have the shows competing with the nightclubs, as Steve Wynn bemoaned in his comments at the Spamalot press event in January (hear it here) -- why not fuse the two?


Dave K said...

Nice job, Steve. Looks interesting.