Friday, April 27, 2007

How large is CityCenter? Nobody seems to know

Everywhere you look, MGM Mirage's Project CityCenter is written as 66 acres. Oh, actually that abysmal and error-riddled New York Times piece by Gary Rivlin from earlier this week said 67 acres and nobody has any idea where THAT came from, but otherwise from USA Today to Howard Stutz's piece last week in the Review-Journal to the local CBS station KLAS-TV to real estate websites, it says 66. That's what CityCenter's original literature claimed.

But I was working on something related to CityCenter and noticed that CityCenter's own literature now says 76 acres.

So I asked. And MGM Mirage VP Alan Feldman responded thus: "Please use 76. There's some technical debate internally, but 76 is in use far and wide and it's not inaccurate."

A strange answer -- "not inaccurate" is a little discomfiting -- but an answer nonetheless. What it means is they're not really sure either. I suppose an intrepid reporter or blogger could head down to the county and add it up on a survey map. I mean, not me. I don't really care that much.