Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Rosie O'Donnell is riveting, like it or not

And so she goes.

I'm not really a Rosie O'Donnell fan per se. In fact, in 2002 when she went all super-dyke on the world, I wrote this piece wondering why she was faking a radical persona. (Apologies for the syntax problems there.)

But it's hard to see that her departure from "The View" won't harm the program, which has seen its ratings boom since she arrived with all her attendant, constant controversy. Particularly interesting is that, except for the Kelly Ripa-Clay Aiken thing, none of the many Rosie flaps really had anything to do with her sexual orientation.

That said, I find the American public's refusal to admit they're fascinated by Rosie so odd. There's an AOL poll up now asking (a) whether you're glad Rosie is leaving "The View" and (b) whether you think the ratings will suffer. So far, more than 207,000 people voted -- by far the largest number of votes on an AOL poll today -- and 77 percent said they're glad she's gone, 69 percent say it won't harm the show's ratings.

What's so odd there is that 207,000 people opted to read the story and vote. That's a lot of people. And three-fourths of them are acting like they don't care, aren't interested.

Oh, and one more thing. If Rosie cared what Trump thought, she'd have taken the one-year deal if only to shut him up. Just a thought.

Oh, one more thought. Rosie on a show of her own won't be nearly as fascinating as Rosie on an all-girl gabfest.