Thursday, May 3, 2007

Let the Bette puns begin

So far, the media's been awful restrained in employing the predictable "Bette on Vegas" puns. A newspaper in Adelaide, Australia -- where Google Analytics tells me this blog seems to have a number of readers -- ran with "Best Bette To Replace Dion" and the Dallas Morning News screams "Vegas puts money on Bette." But otherwise, no major fouls. Well, Robin Leach did use "Bet on Bette" which isn't so much a pun as a redundancy. Sigh. But it'll get worse. Midler starts rehearsing her exclusive gig at the Colosseum in October and opens in February 2008 and will stay at least into 2010.

The press event was surprisingly simple and sweet. The director of Celine's show and "Le Reve" put on an adorable two-minute dance to the instrumentals from "Miss Otis Regrets" in which six of Celine's dancers, dressed as bellhops, roll out Bette's signature Louis Vuitton luggage and then Bette popped out from behind some curtains. She sat down and confirmed what you read here yesterday. (Photos by Jae C. Hong, Associated Press).

I'm not posting the audio because it turned out terribly, but she was her witty, charming but brief self. If you want to read some terrific interviews with her, check out ones that ran today in the Review-Journal by Mike Weatherford, the Las Vegas Sun by Jerry Fink, on Robin Leach's blog, in USA Today and on the Associated Press wire by Ryan Nakashima. There are probably a few more out there, but that's probably more than enough.

See? I'm a good sport after all. At least all these writers did something worthy with their access.


Bernadette in Australia said...

Firstly I have to correct you Steve, it's not A newspaper in Adelaide... it's the only newspaper in Adelaide.... Which is probably why you have readers here...we're all desperate for news that doesn't come from a Murdoch publication :)

Hope you survive the Bette puns