Thursday, May 3, 2007

Don't worry, deafie, it's REALLY loud

Just came in from the Steve Wyrick magic show at Planet Ho because I'm interviewing the headliner tomorrow for next week's "The Strip" podcast.

One question I may ask is this: "How the &%*#@ could you build a $35 million theater complex from scratch in this day and age and not make it accessible to people with hearing disabilities?"

I asked the guy at the counter tonight if there were headsets. And, just as I told you all the other day with the Gordie Brown usher, his answer was: "No, I don't think so, but the theater's brand new and everything's really loud."

Incidentally, it actually wasn't. Wyrick speaks a lot in the show and he has a soft voice. I just don't understand why it's even legal to open a theater in this age of ADA without hearing assistive devices?!?!

Gentle reader, please start asking about this when you go to theaters in Vegas. Just ask. Pretend you have a deaf aunt at home you'd love to bring. Whatever. I want to start keeping track of this. And any disability lawyers out there willing to tell me if the ADA covers public theaters?


Anonymous said...


Perhaps I should extend my database of shows to include a Yes/No for listening assistance - then we'd have a nice reference. Seems like a worthy goal.

-- Hunter