Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Is this unreadable?

(UPDATE, 1:02 pm PT: How's this?)

While I'm waiting for "The Producers" star Brad Oscar to call for our interview for this week's episode of "The Strip," I noticed that the writer of the Res Ipsa Poker blog reacted to my befuddlement in Sunday's post on why people watch live poker. He finds watching live poker utterly thrilling and blames my disinterest on my being a "media type." Fine. I asked for that.

But his post's headline is: "Holy Unreadable Color Combinations Batman" and near the end he writes: "I would say click through and read it for yourself but be warned you might go temporarily blind."

So I ask. Are these colors unreadable? If so, of course I want to fix that. And, God bless Blogger, it's pretty darn easy to do. So speak up! And, of course, join the live chat and hear the unedited show as we record it at 7 pm PT tonight at LVRocks.Com.


Amy said...

Fine white type on a red background is a little tough on the eyes, but I wouldn't call it unreadable. I prefer dark type on a light background.

Tell Brad I said he's fabulous. I just realized he's been in every production of The Producers that I've seen, including his cameo as a taxi driver in the movie. Love him!

on_thg said...

I wouldn't say that I find watching live poker thrilling. In fact, my exact words were: "Some media types say watching live poker is incredibly boring. ** You know what? They might be right."

Not the most dynamic lead, I'll give you that.

Anyway, to address the color question, yes in my opinion it's "unreadable". Literally in the case of the undertitle - I can make out the words "Vegas-centric weekly celebrity interview program" but nothing else without highlighting it. In the case of the rest it's only figuratively unreadable - I find the light text on a red background rather hard on the eyes and again end up selecting the text to make it more clear. Links are also in a color that's hard to read.

Anyway, it's a blog, make it whatever color you want. Looking forward to checking out your podcast.

-- that guy from the Res Ipsa Poker blog

on_thg said...

... three minutes later:

Much better!

ChrisR said...

I was confused, but you've already changed the colours I think.

You title bar is in an all caps Sans-serif font, and is hard to read. I can't scan it.

TheStripPodcast.Com said...

OK...I'm your monkey. How's that for the font? Does the blue background work? Anyone want to suggest another color? The red I liked because it was ominous and dangerous, much like the city. But that's no use if nobody can read it. I wonder why nobody mentioned it before...

Anonymous said...

Much better. I'm subscribed now.

Dan Kane said...

how do you subscribe?

Bernadette said...

The blue background is better. the red's still not that easy to read but I can.

One of the reasons I never mentioned it before is that I have pretty old technology and normally figure that any colour problems I have are because of my crappy old monitors.

You DO have to be aware when making colour choices that what you see will often not be what your readers see as their technology might not be as snazzy as yours :)