Wednesday, May 2, 2007

More EXCLUSIVE Bette Midler Details!

Just heard that the press conference tomorrow at the Colosseum to announce Bette's new gig will be "produced" and, while Midler is not expected to sing, there will be a bunch of Celine's dancers involved in some sort of spectacle. Can't wait to see what they do!

Right now, I'm waiting for a camera crew from RawVegas.TV to come and interview yours truly on today's big scoop. Will post the link whenever they get it done. You'll get to see where I work. Prepared to be underwhelmed. Not sure what to do with my noisy chihuahuas. Also must hide the current issue of Vegas magazine that has devil's ears drawn on covergal Jamie-Lynn Sigler, a nemesis.


A Secret Admirer Who Knows Miles said...

Steve, you rock. ROCK. Awesome. And you're cute, too. Can't wait to see the video.