Friday, November 9, 2007

OJ v Goulet

I'm sitting here in the courtroom wading through the second day of the OJ probable cause extravaganza, as you can see. That's me with my hearing assistive headphones on. Not very stylish, but they really work. They also make my earlobes ache after a few hours. My butt, too, is miserable thanks to these hard-as-boulders benches. I just asked OJ Simpson's sister how this courtroom rates versus the other courtrooms her brother's antics have made her sit in and she said this is the most uncomfortable. Nice job, Vegas.

That said, the Wi-Fi and extra power strips are very hospitable to my ilk. And so I'm checking my email constantly and I get this press release from the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority:

Dear Las Vegas Media Partners:

I have just learned, as you may also have already heard, that there is scheduled to be a Metro-led motorcade with Mr. Goulet's hearse traveling south-to-north on the Strip following the 1 p.m. funeral service at Shrine of the Most Holy Redeemer. This motorcade is ESTIMATED to begin sometime between 2:30 and 3 p.m., although it is impossible to know this for a fact as there are a number of eulogies slated to take place during the service.
This is merely an FYI...

And at first, I thought to myself, "How trivial!" Then I realized, I'm spending as many as four days of my life on this OJ hearing and untold thousands of dollars are being spent by the international media. So I guess Goulet's motorcade down the Strip isn't so silly, huh?


Anonymous said...

Steve, let me try to give you some perspective on Goulet. He was big in the early 60's , then came to Vegas and played about 20 years?
If Rita Rudner stays about 15 more years, she would be a pretty good comparison of stardom level.



oh, i don't know. i get the feeling that goulet remained famous for being famous later in his life. i mean, even now there's little beyond camelot anyone can say about him.