Friday, November 9, 2007

Product Placement in the OJ World

Here's the top of a fun entry I've penned today for The New York Times' blog, The Lede:

Product Placement at the O.J. Simpson Trial

LAS VEGAS — Move over, Bruno Magli — the preliminary hearing of O.J. Simpson is just a day old and already there’s been more product placement references than an episode of “Mad Men.”

Of course, the setting itself, Las Vegas, is nothing less than the pop culture zeitgeist, and references to the trendy Palms, where Mr. Simpson is staying, and the Palace Station, where the football star and his group confronted a pair of memorabilia dealers, have been rife since the Sept. 13 incident.

But now that Mr. Simpson and two co-defendants are in court to determine whether they will be tried on armed robbery and kidnapping charges for bursting into the room and leaving with a trove of memorabilia, memories of how Bruno Magli shot to fame when the treads of the expensive Italian shoes owned by Simpson were pondered at his 1995 trial for the murders of his ex-wife and her friend. Mr. Simpson was acquitted.

This round’s Bruno Magli may turn out to be the Sprint Katana cell phone. Memorabilia dealer Bruce L. Fromong, who said Mr. Simpson stole $100,000 in merchandise in the raid, complained loudly on Thursday that Mr. Simpson also snatched away the $280 phone that Mr. Fromong had just bought earlier that evening.

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Since that piece went up, a few more products have come up, including the Essex House in NYC and Radio Shack. Fun!

In addition to that offbeat little thing, we've also posted this more formal Day Two report.

This thing is supposed to resume Tuesday and could last to Wednesday, too. All the other journalists are moaning. I'm happy for the paydays.