Monday, November 5, 2007

Breaking: The de-S&R-ing of The Mirage

Here we go. This is the first step in the Mirage's moving on from its Siegfried & Roy era. Well, creating "Love" was clearly the first step. But now the free attraction, the Royal White Tiger Habitat, has been closed - effective immediately.

I have heard rumors that sooner or later the Mirage is going to shut down the Secret Garden as well, given that it takes up so much precious, pricey acreage. So far, though, that suggestion has been categorically denied.

Still, I suspect within 10 years, all that will be left of the Siegfried & Roy era will be the statue along the Strip sidewalk. I don't react much to hotel closures and the like, but this seems sad. I especially loved going to the Habitat and watching that cheesy video of a young, pre-injury Roy frolicking with the tiger cubs.

What goes into the space that was this free attraction? BLT Burger, a new joint from NYC chef Laurent Tourondel. It opens in the spring.


Anonymous said...

Personally I think this sucks those animals are so beautiful and fun to watch everyday I was in Vegas there was a crowd standing and watching the tigers. They drew people into the Mirage with them gone I won't go there. JMO the Mirage sucks for doing this.

siegnroyfan36 said...

I think Mirage sucks because they are getting rid of the Tiger Habitat


Kristen said...

that sucks!!! why do they have to ruin everybody's fun?? man i'm really ticked off now, i haven't been to vegas but when i finally do go it was my plan to the Secret Garden first!!


Anonymous said...

I think it was a wrong move on the part of The Mirage. No matter how much they want to deny it, Siegfried and Roy are a big part of The Mirage still.
They made a lot of money for The Mirage. Those animals are a sign of hope. What would it have hurt to keep the free habitat open?
One more negative mark for The Mirage. Very sad.

Anonymous said...

The Mirage is making a HUGE mistake by trying to replace Siegfried & Roy. They and their animals will live on forever in the hearts of many, and the Secret Garden is still the main attraction of the Mirage. When that is gone the appeal of the Mirage will end too.

Bay in TN said...

Wow. I never thought I would dissent with other podcast listeners or blog readers, but...

I found the Siegfried & Roy tiger habitat *incredibly* sad and demoralizing when I was there last June. I loved the dolphin habitat, but the tigers? OMG, no. It was so sad. So small. So hot. So... *caged* feeling.

And incredibly depressing. I'm actually hopeful that, with this news, the tigers and big cats -- and in fact, all the cool weather animals encaged at the Mirage now -- will be moved to cooler climates. I know, I know -- if Siegfried and Roy have a say, they won't be, but I can still be hopeful, can't I?

I'm sorry. I hope the big cats will find a more friendly climate somewhere else. I'll miss 'em in Las Vegas... but not a whole *lot*.


Walter said...

I'm sorry to hear this. Especially with a burger joint replacing it. Certainly takes away a lot of the ambience associated with the entrance.

I always enjoyed pausing and watching the tigers for a bit before going into the Mirage. Sad.

Anonymous said...

The Mirage can have all the goofy nightclubs it wants, but nothing will ever replace what Siegfried & Roy brought. I'll never set foot in the BLT restaurant there.

Anonymous said...

Well, what did you expect? After the show ended it was clear that the Mirage will gt rid of all the S&R stuff. I give the Secret Garden 2 - 3 years, until it will be shut down and the animals killed.