Sunday, November 4, 2007

Thank you, WSJ!

I'm sure by the time you read this, the moment will have passed. But right now, "Gay Vegas" is ranked #1 on Amazon.Com in the category of gay/lesbian travel, #2 in Las Vegas travel guides and #11 in all gay and lesbian nonfiction. Also, the book is at #24,593 overall. To understand the tremendous impact of Tammy Audi's Wall Street Journal piece that referenced the book, I was at #600,000ish on Friday morning. Wild. Keep it going. Buy yours now.

Now, how do we get WSJ to write about "The Strip" and "The Petcast"?

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KUDOS Steve on the new book! You are at the forefront of putting a positive spin on gay Las Vegas.

In reference to the WSJ article, here's my comments.

As a local small business owner focusing on the gay and lesbian travel community, I have watched with growing excitement the increased outreach of Las Vegas marketing itself as a gay friendly travel destination. Considering the untapped potential of this demographic, mainly being DINK (double income no kids), marketing to the gay and lesbian community is a no-brainer. Las Vegas wants a market that has more disposable cash, isn't restricted to the limits of a "family vacation" budget, and has a strong brand loyalty to advertisers. Being both a gay man and an advertiser, I understand this market and encourage others to reach out as brand loyalty is a strong influence for the gay and lesbian consumer. Many research studies have demonstrated throughout the years that the gay and lesbian community is much more likely to do repeat business with marketers that directly reach out to them whether it is cars, products, or travel. It is certainly sound business practice to recognize this factor as it practically assures a path of increased profitability for those advertisers many years into the future.

Michael Henderson, Owner
Gay Las Vegas