Saturday, November 3, 2007

Starbucks + Hooters = Sexxpresso

I would say this is such an only-in-Vegas moment except that this concept started not in the world's sex capital but instead in the world's coffee capital, Seattle.

Still, it's a good chuckle. A pair of businessmen here are about to open -- the debut is supposed to be Wednesday -- Sexxpresso, a drive-thru coffee stand where their baristas wear lingerie at work and flirt with customers. The owners, Massimo Catinella and Dennis Morrison, got the idea when Morrison's 70-year-old mom came across the following newsclip about the same concept in Seattle. They found this coffee-cup-shaped building a mile east of the Strip on Flamingo Road and rewrapped it with the above decor.

So far as I can tell, other than Seattle, this is the second national example. Could make a fun story and certainly will grab some local headlines.