Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Butterfingers: It's What's For Dinner

So we bought sacks of Starbursts, Butterfingers, Take Five and Kitkats and we had a grand total of six groups of kids go ding-dong. So guess what I ate for dinner!!!

What'd you give out? Did anyone come by for Halloween?


tanya said...

we gave out butterfingers, too! And we had LOTS of kids - i lost count!

Roberta said...

Snickers Bars and Whoppers, and we hardly ate any!

LinFromNJ said...

haven't had any kids for about 10 years. They should only know I give out half-dollars. I also live atop a steep hill, so maybe they're lazy.

Anonymous said...

we gave our little boxes of mike n ikes and we had about 10 groups of kids, so more for me!!!

Bay in TN said...

My husband's birthday is Halloween, and he has suffered 14 years of handing out candy to masked extortionists for his birthday. So this year, we skipped the Halloweenies and went out for a nice, adult dinner in a swanky restaurant.

(The fact that our waitress was dressed as Medusa is entirely superfluous, right?)

We left Reese's and assorted junk with our teenaged children to hand out. There must have been 200-300 trick-or-treaters while we were gone.

[I'm estimating there, based on my previous experience and the number of cars we passed on our way out of town.]

Since none of the good candy was still here when I got home, I bought PayDays for myself and Whoppers for DH. Candy on sale. Yummy!