Monday, October 29, 2007

Weird, Erroneous LV Sun Report on MGM mess

Liz Benston and the Las Vegas Sun are usually a lot better than this.

On Friday, she had this short report about the MGM Mirage computer mess. It implied that the mess was over by Tuesday (it was not, as evidenced by postings here) and had a really strange line about how lucky MGM Mirage was not to have had these problems over a weekend when there's a Jimmy Buffett concert.

It's a weird comment in part because MGM Grand was not one of the affected properties (the much-smaller Signature at MGM Grand was) and, also, as one of my front-desk sources chuckled, "What, do Jimmy Buffett concerts sell out 5,000-room hotels?"

But, more importantly, it continues to downplay this event, which caused disruptions for thousands and cost the company millions in lost business and comps.


Anonymous said...

You should see the comments on regarding the situation at Bellagio - many, many irate customers detailing their experiences with this mess.