Friday, November 2, 2007

Those naughty, naughty uniforms

Miles and I mulled this over this week on the podcast based solely on the press-release description, but here are the pix of the uniforms to be used in the Strip House restaurant at Planet Ho. For some reason I had more of a slutty-French-maid kind of image in my mind, but this is what it really is:

The press release called this the "sexiest uniform in fine dining" and said designer Kiki de Montparnasse “heats up the Las Vegas Strip with Studio Manasse-inspired cocktail dress uniforms. Strip House’s coy but classic cocktail mini-dress, designed by Kiki de Montparnasse, is perfectly executed in a soft, black, fine rib jersey. A high elegant front harmonizes a dangerously low back to reveal a signature satin lace-up corselette bra embellished with tulle lace. Complete with flutter sleeves, Kiki de Montparnasse’s style reflects the sexy sophisticated atmosphere of Strip House.”

Any thoughts on how the words match up to the pictures? I do think there's a story in this, the trend of having designers create special uniform lines for specific restaurants and clubs. Thing is, other than Roberto Cavalli's Playboy Club designs, I can't think of any others.


Walter said...

This is not what I was picturing at all. Something a bit more racey is what I had in mind after hearing the description.

On the issue of having celebrity designers create special uniforms: It doesn't do much for me and I certainly wouldn't pay more for my meal to be served by someone wearing a specialty uniform.

Dave Lifton said...

Very underwhelming, and that's coming from a horndog of the highest caliber.

Troy from Las Vegas said...

Didn't someone get thrown off a commercial airline for dressing like this recently?
I have been thinking about how to say this politely and can not hink of a way so will just say this- I want more coverage of skin when my meal is served. I don't want someone's nasty nether regions that close to my food.

Chris Rudram said...

The reason there was no photo as there is no story if there's a photo, as they are just clothes.

Plus the photos themselves are awfully shot.