Thursday, November 1, 2007

When sycophancy -- and spin -- becomes idiocity

That yutz Michael Politz evidently modified his silly Carrot Top post. He still says Mr. Top is "sold out for six months" but then indicates:

The Luxor on-line ticket office says tix are available so take advantage of it. We have just been notified that other writers in Las Vegas are blogging their opinions against my selection of this show.

Umm, no. I don't know that anyone with either high-brow or low-brow taste can believe that Carrot Top is the best show in Vegas, but I hold no grudge against him and enjoyed his show well enough.

No, Mr. Politz, it's the entire item, taken together, with its absurd notion that this show is sold out -- but now, lucky you, there ARE tickets which means it's NOT sold out -- that drives me bananas. That and that obvious effort to shill your opinion in order to appear on someone's advertisements and marquee. You know, I can see it now. "Best Show in Vegas! -- Michael 'Rent-a-quote' Politz"

I'm gonna try that! The only marquee I'm on that I know of is for Phantom, and I didn't really mean it but a phrase from my USA Today piece on the show made it. My name did not, sadly. So let's see if I can right that wrong here and now!

Here are my candidates:

Dixie Dooley is the biggest thrill you'll ever have in a Vegas theater!
Steve Wyrick is the new Harry Houdini!
Bill's Gamblin' Hall and Whachamacallit is the height of elegance and first-class service!

Any others, friends?


dan kane said...

How about: "There's a reason Politz and Pulitzer are so close!"

tanya said...

The Scintas will give you the shits!

gregory_zephyr said...

Hans Klok and real life girlfriend Pamela Anderson heat up the Strip with their unbelievably hot show. Go see them before the show moves on to the Hofenstein Deli & Beer Hall in Munich!

Anonymous said...

Don't be so quick to Judge the Politz'ster. He means well and even with a few strange bedfellows, his integrity should not be under such an attack. Anyone who would do so, really does not know him well.

Even you would enjoy an evening with such a brazen and yet endearing gentleman.

K Dog-child HOOD chum