Monday, January 28, 2008

BREAKING: Mystere's Days Are Numbered!

It's just a matter of what that number is and that I don't know.

However, a key source has informed me of the Cirque du Soleil-MGM Mirage plan for Vegas. In it, there is a plan for one new Cirque show every year for the next four years. One of those four happens to be planned to come to the Treasure Island, which means Mystere will go bye-bye.

Mystere just renewed their contract for two years, which makes sense seeing how the first two shows in that plan would be the Criss Angel one at Luxor this summer and the Elvis one next year at CityCenter.

The big speculation should be which other property would get the fourth new show in the plan. Mandalay Bay is supposed to lose Mamma Mia! in early 2009, but MGM Mirage folks keep telling me they don't want Cirque there and, anyhow, would they leave that room unassigned for two years? That's a lot of Liza Minnelli concerts! The only other properties they might consider would be Monte Carlo and Excalibur, and I suspect Cirque is too high-brow for the X. Lance Burton, though, ends his contract in 2009, I think. And something tells me that place could use a new lease on life.

Anyhow, Mystere is now locked in to complete 18 years at least, and that is an astounding success that is unprecedented for Vegas. That is, until "O" eclipses it. Because, you know, "O" is forever.

I'm also told that the Mystere cast has been informed that the show's mortality has been vaguely decided. But you, of course, heard it right here first.