Monday, January 28, 2008

Notes From A Staycation at the Sahara

OK, OK. It's been several weeks and, even with all the news going on around here, I've really no excuse for not getting this up a little bit sooner.

Miles had often said "The Strip" that he wanted to try "the nicest thing they have at the Sahara." So, on the Saturday night after his birthday in early January, I shelled out a whopping $185 for this palatial suite. $185 was actually a bit of a deal because that weekend in January is especially dead in Vegas, but scouring the Sahara calendar I found that the most his suite in the Alexandria Tower every costs is about $400 during -- wait for it -- NASCAR Week in March. Poifect!

Anyhow, aside from the fact that the elevator stalled and went dark for about a minute somewhere around the 4th floor when I was first heading up, the stay was very nice. Here is the view from the hall outside the bathroom from the bedroom. Yes, that's me in my native pose, laying in my knock-around clothes with my laptop.

The bathroom, as you can see, is not much...

Here's the bedroom, which was also nice enough and certainly spacious. Note the pimple of a TV set. The armoir in the living room also had one of these babies...

One of the coolest parts was that each suite has an outdoor balcony. Since we were on the north end, though, that view was of the Stratosphere and such.

Our conclusion was that this was a pretty good value, especially right off the Monofail line, for the money. We turned it into the Jan. 17 Top Secret Tourist Tip of the Week on "The Strip," and Miles offers more of his own thoughts in that discussion, which is at the end of that episode as all TSTTotW are. Hear that here.

There was a wetbar and a fridge, too, although no minibar offerings. (Sorry but I left the photography to Mr. Smith and he's not as exhaustive in his coverage as I am!) And, despite the indication on the Sahara site that each room "comes with" wireless Internet, it's not free. That might've been a nice amenity, but operable elevators are also kind of fun.


Jeremy said...

nice toilet, dudes. too bad you didn't show us your poo. yuck.