Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Staycation Follow-Up: The Sahara's Fancy Digs

It turns out, the $185-a-night Alexandria Suite that Miles and I enjoyed/endured early in January is NOT the top of the line for the aging, classic Sahara.

I was contacted this week by the publicist for the Sahara Hotel-Casino who, it turns out, is a reader of this blog and a listener of the podcast. She calls them "very witty and refreshing." (That's so nice, especially since she must've winced at my description of their troublesome elevator.) And she wanted me to know that there are penthouse suites at the Sahara that are "not listed online." She enclosed this photo which, I agree, is very pretty and very unlike the room we had last time out.
Intrigued? So was I. She wrote back to say that their three 2,000-square-foot suites are called the Ambassador, the Presidential and the Penthouse. "They’re very quirky and retro-glam, with wraparound patios overlooking the Strip. And, of course, the requisite hot tub in the master bedroom." Of course! She even threw in the tidbit that Elvis and Ann Margret stayed in the Presidential Suite when filming "Viva Las Vegas." I really should've held onto that for a weekly trivia question, but I couldn't help it.

The publicist said these are aren’t available online because "they’re usually in high demand and booked up by groups or casino players. But anyone can call Sahara room reservations and request one of them! The rates are very affordable and the spaces are huge."
How much, you wonder. So did I. Here's the price list:
Penthouse: $1250 - $1750
Presidential: $750 - $1000
Ambassador: $500 - $750

Now I dunno. A Bellagio penthouse for Thursday night will run $950. The smallest SkyLofts at MGM Grand can be had for $800 next Thursday night. (They were full-up this week.) Given the amenities and elegance of each of those, not to mention the total packages that are those resorts, I think the Sahara's prices here seem a bit steep.
That said, I did take the opportunity, also, to find out the future of the Sahara. Or when we'll learn more about the future of the Sahara. The publicist said they're "developing plans for a major renovation, slated to begin this year" that will be completed in 2010. No word on whether that'll involve an implosion.


Bay in TN said...

That's a pretty suite, and I sincerely hope they don't implode the Sahara. That architecture is actually unique and historically significant to the development of the Las Vegas skyline as we see it today. Preserve the Sahara exterior!

Of course, gutting the interior is totally cool with me. ;)

Cuz, y'know, outside the luxury suites, it's kind of a dump. But it's a dump worth saving.

Jeff in OKC said...

I don't think Mr. Nazarian plans to tear down the Sahara. The interviews I have seen with him look like he goes out of his way to say leaving the structure is a big part of his plans. Plus, I don't think a replacement will pencil out. 375 mil to buy + 300 mil to renovate is a steal compared to 2.5 bil to replace, like the Cosmopolitan is rumored to be costing.