Thursday, April 24, 2008

Anti-Recession Vegas TV Spots: Thoughts?

This week, the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority launches a $12 million, three-month national TV ad campaign to combat the recession. They're called "Vegas Right Now" and they're interesting for a few reasons. But first, click here or on the image below and watch 'em. They're not even up on the LVCVA site yet.

A few things jump out. First, it is -- and I confirmed this -- the first time that the LVCVA's ads recommend specific Vegas places and shows instead of the more general destination sell. In these three 30-second spots, they reference Love, Prive, McFadden's, Moon, The Bank, Barney's New York, Wynn Esplanade, Miracle Mile Shops and "new restaurants by" Mario Batali, Alessandro Stratta and Wolfgang Puck. Any thoughts on these choices?

Second, I sent this around to an email list I have for people who have said they would be interested in being potential sources in my stories (email me if you want to be added) and some folks thought the Don't-Think ad in particular is a little insensitive to people in economic turmoil.

And third, I just think it's funny that they chose to put these guys in nice suits outside, uh, Binion's, while the voiceover talks about fabulous shopping.

Can you see these guys with a fried twinkie and a 99-cent shrimp cocktail?


Anonymous said...

interesting they mentioned barneys since sheldon is trying to put the lvcva outta biz...

gregoryzephyr said...

I like the ads. Way better than the Your Vegas is Showing.

Incidentally, yesterday I just heard a new radio spot for Tahiti Village with Roseanne as the pitch woman. The ad starts out with her talking about her new show at Sahara and then when the interviewer says something like, "Gee, sounds great, I'll have to get out there to see it." She says, "Well, my new sponsor, Tahiti Village is offering 3 free nights..."