Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The New Downtown Las Vegas?

My long, long, long, LONG awaited piece on a massive new development (including the Frank Gehry building, model at right) immediately west of downtown Vegas called Union Park that could radically alter the future of the city's aged urban core -- or accelerate its demise -- is finally out. It's a huge display piece in Wednesday's New York Times, with color pictures and a map and everything.

To give you some idea of how long I labored on this, I interviewed Oscar Goodman back in January. Then, for some reason, I developed a weird block and kept putting off writing the story as the months flipped by. Bad. There's always something else to write.

Anyway, I'm quite pleased with the results. Check it out here. It's the longest piece I've ever written for the Times.


Anonymous said...

Gehry's stuff is visually interesting, but apparently is a disaster from a functional perspective. MIT is quite displeased with the place he built for them. It's all form and no function, or bad function... leaks and various problems caused by the design wackiness that didn't take into account stuff like the weather in Boston. Maybe these places will have fewer leaks in an arid environment...

Roberta said...

It was a great article, Steve.