Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Show is UP: Steve v Steve

This week's podcast, featuring a certain Vegas visionary, is now available! Click here to hear it or or right-click here to download the file. It should arrive in iTunes feeds at around 9 a.m. PT on Thursday as always.

Find out what Steve Wynn's planning for his golf course, how he's weathering the recession and much more. In Banter: Powerful people are listening, Harrah's IS punishing the R-J, Criss Angel has not repented, the "What Happens in Vegas" trailer is actually good, Andrew Lloyd Webber is writing a batty "Phantom" sequel and more.

Show links:

The Al Phlipp and the Woo Team band that gave us our special music can be found here
"Las Vegas" Executive Producer Matt Pyken's IMDB profile is here

Pyken's new show, "Knight Rider," can be found here
That god-awful third-ever episode of this program, then called Vegas S&M, is here
Steve's Harrah’s ad-halt blog entry is here
The trailer for "What Happens in Vegas" is here
See the tasteless headline for Richard Abowitz' Criss Angel-Norm blog item here
Read the biz
arre plans for Phantom II here
The R-J's piece on the Westin giving the money back is here
The R-J's coverage of Las Vegas Sands on trial is here

The site for Town Square is here